Monday, July 20, 2015

Staying Focused #AmWriting #MondayBlogs

In the world of writing, it's easy to forget the why of it all. Most of us began writing because we felt that spark of talent, that yearning to be a storyteller, and that compulsion to get it all down on the page. Once the book is unleashed into the world, however, we can become lost--overwhelmed--with creating a platform, seeking reviews, developing a brand, obsessing over rankings, and marketing ourselves to the point where even we are sick of hearing about our book.

Just take a step back.

As someone with multiple books behind me both under my name and a pen name, I am guilty of falling into some of these traps early on in my career. When my first book launched, I felt daunted by it all--media kits, blog tours, radio appearances, tweet teams, writers' marketing support groups. I felt I needed to do everything at all times to make myself known amidst the sea of books out there. I spent money on ads that produced little results. I checked reviews everywhere all the time.

I forgot the why of it all. Why did I want to be an author? Sure, I want to sell books; but I also want to write more books and I want each book to be as good as it can be.

With everything, moderation is the key. Focus on the why of being an author. Do what you can marketing wise, but always make your writing the priority. Always. Never falter in this. Not only will you feel better emotionally when you are thinking about and working on the next project, but you will be continuously moving forward with your career.

Do you want to be a one book wonder? No. Readers want content. You can market one book to death, but then what else do you have to offer?

Focus on your creativity and nurturing it. Spend 80% of your time concentrating on writing the next best book you can create and 20% of your time marketing.

And, by marketing, I do not mean checking your Amazon ranking multiple times a day. I'm talking about cutting out the superficial noise that social media can create and becoming efficient with what works for you. What can you control? Ask yourself that question. In this moment, right now, what can you do to market yourself wisely? Is it creating a FB post or a blog post? Is it adding something to Google Plus or Twitter? Your ranking is out of your control in this moment. So is comparing yourself to so-and-so---stop wasting your creative energy on nonsense. Once you figure that out, you can utilize the rest of your valuable time writing.

Now go. Write. Be amazing. FOCUS!

Write on!
Amber Lea Easton 

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